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So.. You’re looking for a hypnobirthing course right?  Somewhere that’s going to make you feel bloody awesome about birth, something informative and empowering and something that your partner is going to get on board with? GOOD! We are on exactly the same page as I’m here to tell you YOU CAN have it all and be proud of it!

I’m a Mum who has felt both empowered and disempowered by birth… My first birth had medical intervention, not a whiff of Zen and a slightly traumatised new mum outcome. You’ve heard it already many times right? HOWEVER…after the birth of my second gorgeous boy I was blown away by how powerful yet comfortable AND enjoyable birth could be (have a read here if you fancy) using Hypnobirthing.  I since trained as a Hypnobirthing teacher, had yet another lovely homebirth, and now combine teaching the full Calm Birth School hypnobirthing course with a mix of using Essential Oils for a calm and positive pregnancy and birth!

The joy of empowering women and their birthing partners on how to get an awesome birth is my absolute passion and I’m here to share that with you, honestly, realistically and whole heartedly.  Head over to my Hypnobirthing section to find out more on class dates and availability and contact me to grab a spot on the next course!!

I’d love to see you in my Gigi + Pickle Empowering Birth Experience Facebook group. This is a closed group where you can start getting informed, confident and excited right NOW about your birth. Joining the group gives you exclusive access to live videos on different birth subjects, helping you to feel better informed and empowered as you prepare for your positive birth.

The Gigi + Pickle blog aims to explore the world of pregnancy, birth and baby with a view to keeping the subject (predominantly but not exclusively) natural and organic.

Find information on my Hypnobirthing classes held in London as well as personal blogs, information on birthing with incredible Essential Oils and read real life birth stories.  Head over to ‘Contact’ with enquiries.

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