Who am I?

At the time of starting up Gigi + Pickle I wasn’t too sure.  But since taking time to focus on my passion and training in Hypnobirthing I have dedicated my life to spreading a positive birth message.  I truly and very strongly feel that every woman has the right to an empowered birth experience and deserves to feel positive and happy about their labour.  Here’s a little of my background…

My name is Hayley.  At the time of writing this I have a 5 year old, Rory (Pickle), a 22 month old, Huxley.  Oh and a 36 year old, Jonny (Gigi) my love and chosen life partner.

I used to work for COS (in a super amazing position with one of my best friends might I add) until at 30 weeks pregnant I left to focus on the time I had left with my firstborn before he started nursery school and before he had a new little sibling.  So while the COS ‘family’ is firmly engrained in me, I’m lucky enough to now be following my heart and working with women and their birth partners teaching them Hypnobirthing and Pregnancy relaxation classes and encouraging them to strive towards an awesome birth regardless of the route they choose.

So those are the current facts of my life, I wasn’t sure I was ready for solely SAHM (stay at home mum) status 2 years ago and so I decided to start this blog, train in a new vocation and write about the things I feel hugely passionate about: natural birthing and remedies as well as really friggin cool mama and baby stuff.  So, partly because of the catharsis and partly because I secretly hope other people might find it interesting here it is, warts and all. Oh and I’m just casually trying to have a BIG positive voice in this amazing birthing world I’ve submersed myself in! xx