…Using Essential Oils in Pregnancy and Birth

One thing that was key to my success in Hypnobirthing my second baby was the use of Essential Oils. And not just in labour but using from pregnancy too.  Something crucial that you will learn in Hypnobirthing is about the importance of having ‘anchors’.  Things (touch, smell, sound etc) that you will associate with relaxation automatically from them becoming second nature to you throughout pregnancy.

I use a range of the purest Certified Therapeutic Grade oils that are so safe that they can be ingested*.  (*not recommended with any other brands as they won’t be as pure!!)  It is true however that some oils you should be careful with or even avoid during pregnancy.  But others when used correctly will induce states of relaxation, help with airways for breathing, bring a sense of peace to the birthing room, as well as so so many other benefits.

To find out more head over to my doTerra site or go ahead and contact me if you would like a complimentary consultation to ensure you are using the oils correctly and safely during pregnancy.  You can also send direct emails to contactme@gigiandpickle.com. Also available via skype meetings or personal meet ups.

I love to pass on the knowledge and tools in whichever way I can to help get you your BEAUTIFUL birth!