Q: Will I be hypnotised?

A: NO.  Stage hypnotism is as far removed from what you will experience as you could possibly imagine.  There are no mystical or magical tricks involved.  Though you will be in a state of deep relaxation you will probably be aware of what is being said to you.  Even in the deepest of relaxations (states of sleep) anything said to you will be entering your subconscious mind and that is what we aim to tap into.  To put things into perspective we are all in a state of hypnosis at least twice a day.  On waking and just before falling asleep!!

Q: Do I have to be onboard with only alternative therapies?

A:  Even if you think alternative therapies are ‘wishy washy’ or ‘hippy dippy’ this has no correlation to the effect that using Hypnobirthing will have on you.  You would be pleased to know that Gigi + Pickle Hypnobirthing uses factual information such as the physiology of pregnancy and birth and the logic of how our minds work to help you birth calmly, positively and efficiently.

Q: Does it guarantee a pain-free birth?

A: Used properly (with dedication and practice) yes hypnobirthing CAN be pain-free and enjoyable.  However pain-free is never guaranteed firstly because everyones idea of pain and their pain thresholds vary extremely widely.  However if very painful is 10 and no pain is 1 and you always find yourself at the top end of the spectrum, Hypnobirthing will in no doubt move you several steps if not all the way towards the lower end.

Q: Will I be able to have an unmedicated birth?

A: Yes.  If an unmedicated birth is what you are aiming for then using Hypnobirthing techniques can absolutely help you get there.  As above, it doesn’t guarantee you this 100% because birth is an organic process.  Every birth is unique and every baby and woman is unique but you are more likely to experience an unmedicated birth with the knowledge and skills you will learn on the course.

Q: Can I use Hypnobirthing techniques if I’m giving birth in a labour ward?

A:  YES!  This will be one of the settings that Hypnobirthing would be even more necessary for you to use.  Unfortunately if the labour ward is your place of birth you may be faced with more factors that could lead to intervention/assisted labour.  However Hypnobirthing can help you stay calm, relaxed, feel informed and confident in making decisions so that you can own your birth and have a great positive birth in even the most medicalised of settings!